Community Memberships

Become a MOCA Member is more than voting annually, your supporting Board Members to stand up to be the voice of Millcan/Lynnwood/ Ogden. And you get additional perks such as: discounts on hall rentals, skating and special events. 

Discounts also include:

*Memberships expire May 31 of every year 

(Important: if paying online please email confirmation of payment & membership form to

Next Meeting: Sept 4, 2018  7:00 pm

Location: MOCA Upper Hall 

Menu: Light Snacks & beverage

MOCA Staff

General Manager - Kaylynn Miller

Administrative Coordinator  - Roni Millar

Arena Manager - Heather Marie Inouye  

SE Calgary Community Resource Centre Manager

                                                            - Lynn Mutch

Board of Directors

President- Rick Smith 

Vice Chair- Ray Jasper

Treasurer- Pieter van Lindenberg

Secretary/ SEC CRC Liaison- Deanna Wylie

Facilities Chair- Mike Berger

Civic Affairs Chair- Ray Jasper

Human Resources- Lorraine Robinson & Ray Jasper​​

Director- Paula Woolley​​

Director- Hilarie Brock

About Millican Ogden Community Association

MOCA History

​​Millican-Ogden is one of the oldest communities in Calgary. It is named after the Millican family, homesteaders who settled in the area in the early 1900s, and I.G. Ogden, the former Vice-President of the Canadian Pacific Railway. With the construction of the Ogden Shops in 1912 – 1913, the area gained the distinction of being the only CPR repair shop between Winnipeg and Vancouver.

Millican-Ogden is located in the SE, and, due to its long history, is home to several vintage homes including the historic Ogden Hotel now known as the Victory Centre. The area also contains public and separate schools, numerous restaurants and strip malls. In addition, there is plenty of open space in the area, particularly in the Bow River Valley.

About MOCA

Your Community Association is made up of dedicated volunteers committed to ensuring a high quality of life in and around Millican Ogden. You can check the website regularly to keep tabs on the news and events that might affect you. Millican Ogden Community Association maintains a diverse mandate. We comment on all building development applications, run sports and recreation programs, publish a newsletter and website, and still find the time to run an expanding list of social events. Each year, our voice grows, and so to does our voice in civic affairs. 

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Did you know: MOCA is part of the "This is My Neighborhood Project.

"This is My Neighbourhood (TIMN) was created to provide an opportunity for residents to partner with The City to identify ways to help make their neighbourhood an even better place to live, work and play." ~City of Calgary 

Community Membership

I realized if you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you change enough communities you can change the world. ~ Erin Gruwell

MOCA General Meetings

Jack Setter Arena

2086 69 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB 


SE Calgary Community Resource Centre

2734 76 Avenue SE

Calgary, AB 



Office: (1-4pm M-F)

6901 20 A Street SE

Calgary, AB T2C 0R5


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Next AGM: October 16, 2018

MOCA Annual General Meeting