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Community Entrance Sign (installed Aug 2017) Left: Ray Jasper, Right: Larry Murasaki

Millican Ogden Community Association is made up of dedicated volunteers committed to ensuring a high quality of life in and around Millican Ogden. You can check the website regularly to keep tabs on the news and events that might affect you. Millican Ogden Community Association maintains a diverse mandate. We comment on all building development applications, run sports and recreation programs, publish a newsletter and website, and still find the time to run an expanding list of social events. Each year, our voice grows, and so to does our voice in civic affairs.

I realized if you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you change enough communities you can change the world. ~ Erin Gruwell

Upcoming General Meeting

NEXT MEETING: Sept 7, 7PM In Person- MOCA Upper Hall

    • Please sanitize your hands upon entering
    • Sign in
    • Newsletters available
    • Masks recommended
    • If you are feeling unwell, please stay home. We will post the minutes of the meeting as soon as possible.

    Sept 2021 Agenda    June 2021 Minutes   

Annual General Meeting


AGM Agenda           AGM 2020 Minutes

President Report            SECCRC report

Audit Statement           MOCA Bylaws

*President & SECCRC reports available after the 2020 AGM

Due to the pandemic, the bill was passed to permit virtual meetings but it must be noted in the organizations bylaws. At the October 2021 AGM, MOCA proposes the following amendment to the MOCA Bylaws (original located to the left)

Ogden Whistle Book

Ogden Whistle Book is a history book on the community of Ogden from the years 1875-1975

MOCA has some copies available for purchase.
$25.00 (reg. $35) – curbside pick up
$40.00 – shipping

Make your payment using the PayPal link, email rentals@millicanogdencommunity.com to notify of your payment and request to make arrangements for shipping or curbside pick up

Payment- Ogden Whistle

Payment is made through the PayPal website, you do not need a PayPal account

Ogden Whistle