Capital Projects

Millican Ogden Community Association (MOCA) building is over 60 years old and receives requests for accessible spaces along with smaller spaces, and storage which MOCA cannot accommodate at this point in time; as well, many inquires occur for use of the Lower Hall regularly for meetings and gatherings but access for those with mobility issues prevents usage of this space. MOCA also has many items that are in our capital renewal plan that need to be addressed.

MOCA was fortunate enough to receive a considerable donation from the former Ogden Legion in 2015 which spearheaded the capital project expansion. The expansion’s goal is to bring the community centre up to code compliance standards, install an elevator to reach to the upper & lower halls, accessible washrooms and new office spaces resulting in the current office space the potential to be used for smaller rental spaces.


**construction timeline an estimate; delays may occur

**Timeline is estimated; delays may occur

**This project has been delayed due to COVID19


The goal is to raise enough funds to fully complete the Community Centre upgrade & code compliance project.

MOCA is thankful for all the investors thus far on the project:
Former Ogden Legion donation
Enabling Accessibility Fund Grant
Province of Alberta: Community Facility Enhancement Program
City of Calgary: Capital Conservation Grant
City of Calgary: Area Enhancement Program

You to can invest in MOCA’s future by donating and/or attending a fundraising event.

Donation over $25 will receive a charitable tax receipt