Neighborhood Art

Art within Millican, Ogden & Lynnwood

A historical community surrounded by nature, housing various art projects within the neighborhood. Below you’ll see local  art along with the artist, year of install, location and a little blurb about each piece.

If there is an art piece missing located in Millican, Ogden or Lynnwood, please submit your detailed recommendation to 

MOCA Mural

Title: “This is our Home”
Artist: Scott Clark
Location: Millican Ogden Community Centre- north wall (6901 20A Street SE)
Year of Completion: 2004

A community art piece come to life. Take a walk behind the community centre to view all the intricacies of the mural and see all the names that helped make it happen.

Community Entrance Signs

Title: Community Entrance Sign
Artist: Gary Millar
Location: 18th Street @ the Safeway plaza
Year of Completion: 2017 (18th street one, 2 more to be placed)

After years of volunteer time and efforts from Larry Muraski & Ray Jasper (and committees), the community entrances signs where constructed. The first of 3 was installed in 2017, the remaining 2 are still to be installed. One near the Glenmore Inn and the other on Millican Hill.

Glenmore Underpass

Title: Passages
Artist: Verne Busby and Bella Totino
Location: Glenmore Trail at Ogden Road S.E.
Year of Completion: 2017

While you are sitting in traffic  under the Glenmore trail overpass have a peek at the 6 murals that depict the “neighborhoods past, present and future transportation and transit methods.” You’ll be sure to see something different each time.

More information on the “Passages” mural:

Garbage Can Art

Title: Stories of Ogden
Artist: Nicole Wolfe
Location: Throughout the community
Year of Completion: 2018

Take a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood to view 12 garbage cans transformed into stories which highlight various historical moments. Each piece of art has the story written on it with phenomenal images to support it.

Fence Mural

Title: Fence Mural
Artist: Margo van Lindenberg
Location: 72 Avenue
Year of Completion: 2018

An ecological narrative of the flora and fauna of the area.
Margot engaged community residents to learn how to design and install the pieces along the fence.