Becoming a MOCA Member is more than voting annually. You are electing Board Members to be the voice of Millican/Lynnwood/ Ogden. In addition to voting rights, you get extra perks  such as monthly newsletters and discounts on hall rentals, skating and special events. Please note we are no longer issuing digital membership copies. All online membership purchases will be mailed to your home address or can be picked up at the MOCA office (2110 69 Ave SE)

Discounts also include:
Ecco waste- One free load per month by showing your MOCA community membership: 
This is limited to a pickup truck with or without an attached trailer, not to exceed minimum fee maximums and it must adhere to our acceptable waste as outlined on our website at . No organics, clean fill (without a approved soil analysis report) , no hazardous waste (ie/ no paint cans, liquid waste, etc), and no asbestos contaminated product. Dry shingles, wood, cardboard and construction/demolition waste only as we are a Class III landfill. If it is an appliance they wish to dump, we can only accept one (or a washer/dryer pair) for the free load, any more than that and the $30/appliance fee will apply. (For any Freon appliances such as a fridge or freezer, a $30 freon removal fee applies.)

Minimum fee Maximum kg:
C & D material – 330 kg                 then its $120.00/Tonne
Drywall –1000kg                               then its $  73.50/Tonne
Mix wood – 650 kg                          then its $  60.00/Tonne
Shingles – 1000 kg                           then its $  68.50/Tonne
Concrete – 1100 kg                          then its $  35.00/Tonne
Clean Wood – NO MIN.                 FREE FREE FREE FREE!!!

Members will need to show their Community Membership card in paper or digital form at the Scalehouse window in order to receive the free load.


2023/24 MOCA Membership Form

After you complete this form: you will be directed to pay via PayPal (which you can use without an account). If you are a senior, you will not be directed to PayPal, just click “register”.

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